Satay Sticks

Beef (rump)$1.50/stick
Pork belly$1.60/stick
Lamb (leg cut)$1.80/stick
All other orders/quantity, please contact us for best price

Satay marinated chicken (for stir fry)

500g tub$16.00

Satay stir-fry marinated beef or pork belly (for stir fry)

500g tub$21.00

Satay / Peanut Sauce for satay dip (contains peanuts and slightly chilli spicy)

250ml tub$5.00
500ml tub$8.00
950ml tub$15.00
Nonya chilli-based Sambal with chilli oil (to add more spiciness): $6.00 (250g tub)

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